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    Disc O Deewane

  • Ashitha

  • Brishti

  • Chandru

  • Deepak

  • Deepthi

  • Harish

  • Jessica

  • Kamakshi

  • Kiran

  • Nagesh

  • Naveen

  • Prashanth

  • Rambo

  • Ramya

  • Reddy

  • Roshan

  • Sim

  • Sneha

  • Sriky

  • Subbu

  • Tim

  • Usha

  • Varsha

  • Vijay

  • Vikram

Disco deewane………aha…….aha.!! A pop song from the late seventies is apt for this team. They started playing towards the end of 2007. What started off as a casual fling after outdoor sessions of bouldering and rock climbing soon became serious! They moved on from swinging a medium sized leo disc to a UPA approved flying disc. Soon, the grass grounds beckoned, forehands grew and air bounces followed! The hucks flew and the sprinters started cutting loose!

The Flybaba tourney, March 2008, in Kodaikanal, marked their entry into the Indian ultimate scene. Armed only with enthusiasm and few weapons in their arsenal and even fewer in the team, they were humbled by all and sundry. But this was thier first tourney after all, it gave them good exposure, they would surely bounce back. Early morning practice sessions and games followed in Bangalore and skill levels grew and newer players came in.

Since then they have played on the beaches of Chennai to the grass grounds of Kodai, Mysore and Camp Srishti. They are now a team of 30 players, on a better day we could spring a surprise on even the best of the teams.