Air Traffic Control

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    Air Traffic Control

  • Alex Sebastian

  • Ambar

  • Amelie

  • Ananth

  • Aneesha

  • Avinash

  • Chandy

  • Das

  • Dillan Perez

  • Eapen

  • Julian

  • Maitreyi

  • Mihir

  • Nikhil

  • Niveda

  • Pramod

  • Sharadh

  • Srinivas

  • Tabea

  • Varoon Joshua

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is relatively new to the Ultimate frisbee circle. It all began with four friends in 2012 playing at Cubbon Park on a small green patch which we now fondly call our home ground.

Enthusiasm grew and the word spread, and today, we are a family of 20 crazy people, and we’re still growing.

We've been playing twice a week and take pride in being a self taught team :)