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  • Aaru

  • Anurag Diwanji

  • Aparna

  • Bharath Ramakrishnan

  • Deepak Singh

  • Dhiraj Rakheja

  • Gaurav Rakheja

  • Kutapa Muthanna

  • Lasya Jagirdhar

  • Makarand Bhatt

  • Naveen Gupta

  • Prakash Matada

  • Rahul K. R.

  • Rajshekar Kodali

  • Shashank Ramkumar

  • Shivam Dubey

  • Sravan Kurada

  • Swetha Kurada

  • Tarun Kumar

  • Varun Backliwal

  • Ved Malagi

  • Vijay Rao

  • Vinay Rao

  • Vipul Kasera

  • Yamini Kasera

A session between few schoolmates & neighbourhood buddies, led to the accidental inception of a vibrant team on the 22nd of December 2012. Today we are a team of Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts, looking forward to meeting new people, playing good frisbee, and putting up a great show, while spreading the spirit of the game.

Since the introduction to this wonderful sport, we have come a long way imbibing frisbee as an integral part of our lifestyle. We play this sport many times a week and meet great people each time around. From a handful beginners to a formidable force, today we stand strong as a 25 member team...and still growing :)

A new entrant team this year, do watch out for us at the BUO'13!