About us

It was in 2003, a bunch of bored engineering students began throwing around a frisbee during their free time in college. Soon, this evolved to regular competitive games of Goaltimate. The short breaks between classes were no longer enough quench their thirst for the bee, they started meeting up early on weekdays for games of Goaltimate. The frisbee revolution in Bangalore had begun. What started with around 4-6 people grew to 20+ in no time. This was the humble beginnings of the team Learning to Fly(L2F). But Ultimate was yet to get a footing in Bangalore.

Soon this would all change. Around early 2008 a group of outdoor enthusiasts contacted L2F about a Ultimate tournament to be held in Kodaikanal, April-2008. This group called themselves Disc-O-Deewane (DoD). DoD consisted of a group which was primarily into outdoor sporting activities. Members ranged from ranged from rock climbers, nature enthusiasts to even marathon runners. Ultimate was new to them too, but they loved the idea of the sport, the rules, especially the "Spirit Of The Game".

And thus Ultimate happened in Bangalore. Every weekend, both teams would meet to practice and play Ultimate in preparation for the Kodai tournament. Soon they started meeting thrice a week to hone and improve their skills. Soon friends joined, friends of friends, even family members joined in. Some joined out of curiosity, some to stay fit, and a few even to shed weight. Fresh faces on game days became common, some of them had played the game abroad and were happy to see players in India. It was only a matter of time before the popularity of Ultimate skyrocketed.

From the early tournaments in the country Bangalore teams began to figure among the top contenders for the trophy. And proudly, even today after so many years since the advent of Ultimate in India, Banglore teams are among the top seeded for each tournament.

A year or so ago the strength of the Ultimate community in the country was around 200, now, Bangalore alone has over 200 active Ultimate players.